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Put social media on autopilot for less than $1/day

We Do The Work

A Lockbox Social Agent has a powerful presence in WordPress, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube. Your posts will be about the right things in the right places at the right times with the right frequency. Your sites will share properly with each other and will be wired together as a complete social media campaign like the big boys have.
(Expect to be asked often, “How are you doing this?”)

Campaign Launcher

We Setup Your Campaign For You

We build your social media infrastructure in WordPress, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube using best practices. You’ll have a brand new social website, optimized for real estate, and ready to host your listings and your blog. Not only does it look great, but it is wired up properly to capture leads and deliver them to your website.

We Supply Daily Content

We stream fresh, real estate-related content daily onto your social media pages, including news, pictures, video, tips, quotes and even humor.

A Webpage For Every Listing

Each listing gets tremendous exposure with its own WordPress website, which shares easily to all your other social sites. You will have a video of each listing posted on your YouTube channel. Plus, with a click of our “Brag Button” you’ll be able to generate and email to your sellers a report of all you do on behalf of a listing.
(Warning: This will make your competitors very nervous)

We Create Your Listing Videos

Buyers love video. Sellers expect video. As a Lockbox Social agent, you will be able to deliver unlimited video! Each new listing in your portfolio has a beautiful video created automatically and posted to your YouTube channel. (Ah, it feels good to be ahead of the curve, doesn’t it?).

Boost Traffic

All of those inbound links from your Lockbox Social campaign boost your ranking with Google and Bing. This creates a “snowball effect” whereby you get ranked higher for having more traffic, which leads to still more traffic. (This is in stark contrast to some lead generation sites – we won’t name names - that sell you the leads that were generated from YOUR content).

Brag Button

Create Beautiful Presentations With a Single Click

With the click of a button, a complete presentation is prepared of all you are doing to promote your seller’s listing.

The Way to Internet Success for Real Estate Professionals